we are

Catch the Fire Montreal church is a community of Christians located in Pierrefonds. Though we mainly serve the French-speaking population in West Island Montreal, we are a multi-cultural congregation that brings together believers from all over the greater Montreal region; in other words, everyone is welcome! (We also offer simultaneous translation into English, every Sunday morning.)

Day after day, for the past almost 20 years now, we have been learning how to truly know our Father’s perfect love for each of us. The more we take time to stop in His presence, the more He delights in: revealing Himself to us, refreshing us and pouring out His Holy Spirit on us.

You too can experience the fullness of God’s love, the power of His Holy Spirit, and His healing in your life. Our desire is to help you receive all God has reserved for you, and to equip you so that you can share it with others.

Catch the Fire Montreal is affiliated with the network of Partners in Harvest churches. In addition to our regular gatherings, which include worship time and a teaching, we offer programs designed for children and youth. We regularly hold conferences with world-renowned guests, to allow the greatest number possible to taste the Father’s love. We are also partners with International River Schools, whose mission is to share the transforming message of the Father’s love to all French-speaking communities.

If you have already visited us, you have surely noticed God’s joy and love which makes our congregation come alive. If you are reading this for the first time, please join us at one of our gatherings and let God change your life!

May the Lord’s joy be with you and may He reveal all the love He has for you!

Looking forward to meeting you, 

    — Gerry et Marcia Plunkett