Vision and values

Our vision

At Catch the Fire Montreal, we dream of seeing the city of Montreal, Quebec and the French-speaking world be transformed by the love of the Father. This is why we love to make Jesus known and to accompany people on their spiritual journey so that they experience for themselves the affection and presence of God.

Our values

Our values are the principles that guide us in our decision-making, thereby determining our priorities, goals, programs and resource allocations. These are principles drawn from biblical teachings.

We base our values on two directives from Jesus

  • The greatest of the commandments requires that we learn how to love God, others and ourselves
  • The Great Commission as given by Jesus asks us to make disciples

We believe we can hear the voice of God

Every follower of Jesus was created to communicate with God. The Lord speaks to us in all kinds of ways and in return we can respond to Him with prayer and by learning to act on the revelations He gives us.

We believe in the importance of knowing God as a father

Experiencing God as the Father as Jesus did, radically changes our lives. Every child of God needs to feel, know and experience the unconditional and extravagant love of God the Father.

We believe in healing the wounds of life

Before we can even truly love others, we have to love ourselves first. Which means we have to allow the Spirit of God to transform our mind, soul, and body. Our Father can reveal to us wounds and situations that need to be healed.