iClub (0 to 12)

iClub sends its soldiers on a mission! As the children follow Paul’s story, the children will travel to different countries. They will get to know other children around the world by hearing real stories through the work of missionaries in their countries. They will discover that God has no boundaries, he loves everyone and wants to save us.

Connect group

A connect group is a small group that meets on a regular basis in a friendly atmosphere in order to:

  • Share and grow in their faith in Christ
  • Make meaningful connections with others
  • Exercise their talents and giftings

Schools of the River

Catch the Fire Montreal and Église Évangélique du Témiscamingue in Lorrainville, have been partners for the past several years in a ministry called International Schools of the River. This ministry’s mission is to proclaim the Father’s Love everywhere in the French-speaking world, notably in Quebec, France and several African countries.