“Then the angel showed me a river with the water of life, clear as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb.”


Schools of the River

The river represents all that God pours on us: his love, his joy, his peace, his healing, his presence, etc. The École du Fleuve is a privileged time to receive all that the Father has for us and to go further in our intimacy with him. We then return to our daily lives with a new confidence to give back to others and live like Jesus, through loving service accompanied by signs and miracles.

An initiative of Catch the Fire Montreal and the Evangelical Church of Témiscamingue, the River Schools usually last for a weekend or a week and take place in Quebec, France and several African countries. They include times of praise, teachings, and times of prayer where we let the Holy Spirit move and touch participants. Visit the Les écoles du fleuves internationales Facebook page.

For more information, please write to montreal@catchthefire.com or eedt@hotmail.ca

« I attended the first school in 2007 and my life was changed. The presence of God was palpable, literally, and a prophetic anointing was poured out on the young adults who were present. Even today, in 2020, I am harvesting from this spiritual investment. Certainly, what I experienced at that time remains marked in my heart. This is one of the turning points in my Christian walk. »

 — Esther, Montreal

« I give thanks for this seminar. I tell myself that it was surely for me alone that God planned this theme. I was healed in the heart, the soul of deep wounds and fears which settled in me by the experiences lived especially in the family. Knowing that I have such a tender, gentle Father filled me with hope for the future! I believed that my sensitivity, my gentleness was a weakness, and I learned to isolate myself, to be alone. I was freed from this shame. On the last day I received great joy in my heart in the time of prayer for the river of God. A joy that I no longer had following a very painful event a year and a half ago. I danced like never in my life. I received the joy of God.

I also received instant healing from stomach aches. Glory to God! »

— Togolese participant, 2016