Gerry and Marcia Plunkett

Gerry and Marcia have been pastors of Catch The Fire Montreal in Pierrefonds, a suburb of Montreal, since 1989 and have three grown children.

They have been living the blessing of God’s fire in their own lives and in the lives of the congregation since an initial visit to Catch The Fire Toronto Church (formerly TACF) in October 1994. Professor of Church History for fifteen years At the college level, one of Pastor Gerry’s passions is to study the revival movements of previous centuries.

After experiencing the love of the Father during this present revival, our pastors wholeheartedly desire that all receive a revelation from the heart of the Father and of their identity as son and daughter of God. They have an ardent heart for the province of Quebec and for the French-speaking world, and they want to see the kingdom of God revolutionize the city of Montreal.